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Painting the Fence with Creosote

One day my Dad decided to tear down his dilapidated wooden corral and build a new one. He installed heavy cedar posts and planned to nail some heavy 2x6 boards to them. At the time, white or yellow pine lumber was not pre-treated like it is now. Untreated boards wouldn’t last but a few years. Therefore, before they were nailed, Dad placed them on the ground and had me paint them with creosote at least two times.

Lyndon Johnson Loses Supreme Court Fight

In a private meeting at the White House on Jun. 13, 1968, Earl Warren told Lyndon Johnson that after 15 years the time had come for him to leave the Supreme Court.

Storm Preparations Begin While State Continues to Battle COVID-19

AUSTIN — As Tropical Storm Cristobal moved north in the Gulf of Mexico from the Yucatan Peninsula toward Louisiana, the weather system’s potential impact on East Texas grew and Gov. Greg Abbott on June 5 addressed the situation in a news conference.

Moving Forward-Tackling Bias and Prejudice

Recent events call for our society to develop a path forward that will allow all residents of this great nation to partake in the promises of the Declaration of Independence.
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