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Texan Takes Historic Walk In Space

Astronaut Ed White popped open the hatch of Gemini 4 on Jun. 3, 1965 and stepped out into the boundless and beautiful universe.

Proclamation Allows More Services, Activities To Resume

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott on May 26 issued a proclamation giving the green light to more services and activities in a second phase of the state’s plan to reopen from mandatory pandemic closures.

The Hog Song & The John Deere Polka

We occasionally receive anonymous letters, and some are quite good, but the editorial staff at the Record believes that people should own their opinions if they wish to voice them on the pages of our newspaper. So we have a policy against printing anonymous letters to the editor.

COVID-19 Turning Tables on City vs. Rural

The virus shutdown circus is permanently popularizing on-line work from home, but it is also elevating the viability of trading urban high-rise confinement for a less urban “home on the range, which sounds a lot like a “home in La Grange,” that comfortably rural town where what’s really peaking is the ire of local business owners. Shutdown in the big cities, however, has been a hammer blow with some ugly long term consequences looming.

that little voice

My sister is looking back at our lives in the 40s and 50s and recalling incidents, family stories, and various memories she is putting to paper.

Abernathy Brothers Rode Their Way to Fame

President William Howard Taft, all 335 pounds of him, personally welcomed the Abernathy brothers to Washington D.C. on May 27, 1910 and gave the famous travelers a guided tour of the White House.

COVID-19: A Crisis of Home

Home is the front line for the COVID-19 crisis unfolding in our nation. How we spend time sheltering in place says a lot about the world we live in. Normally, our differences are masked. It’s hard to tell who gets free lunches at school and who doesn’t, who needs the library’s free internet access for homework, and whose home has the fastest broadband.
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