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Regarding Election Fraud 2020

To the editor: Like most citizens, I cannot prove nor disprove claims of election fraud in the Nov. 3, 2020 elections.

The 10th Amendment

To the editor: Look it up. Years ago this vital of Amendments was torn to shreds by guilt festering in the upper middle class and wealthy elitist enclaves and government officials.

Questions About Liberty

To the editor: I have two questions for Sandy Armstrong after her letter last week: 1) What liberty does face masks take away? 2) Do you also claim the liberty to drive on the left side of the road, to drive as fast as you want wher ever you want, and to drive without a seatbelt? Terry Hynous La Grange.

that little voice

One thing this alone time (called social isolation) has forced and/or enabled me to do is write and learn how to maneuver my way around Zoom. I was not forward thinking enough to invest in Zoom 10 months ago which means I have not benefitted from increasing my net worth due to the millions of people who are using that internet platform during this COVID-19 rampage.

Justice Delayed Is Not Justice Denied

To the Editor: Months ago, Democrats in the United States Congress indicted Donald Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors. Now, more than 5 million Texans in spirit are among the over 76 million Americans who did the cowardly John Cornyn’s and Ted Cruz’s and senate Republicans’ jobs for them: they convicted Donald Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors and are removing him from office.

Who Cleans Up After Crowds are Gone?

To the Editor: The October Round Top Antique Festival was well attended by both dealers and shoppers, giving a much-needed boost to local businesses. Some dealers said that this was one of their best shows.

Wear a Mask

To the Editor: My heartfelt prayers go out to Jeff Wick and his family who are under quarantine. As the good journalist he is, he shared with us in the Record that he has tested positive for the corona virus.

Grateful for Clinic

To the Editor: The article last week about the problems of the local VA clinic only tells part of the story of medicine in Fayette County and probably all the USA. I would ask that the reporter ‘pick up the ball’ and carry it to the goal line of fully reporting on the entire story.

Death Of Heroic Scout Knocked Sam For a Loop

Sam Houston was so badly shaken by the Nov. 30, 1837 death of Deaf Smith, the famed San Jacinto scout, that he took a month-long leave of absence from the presidency of the Lone Star Republic.

Importance of Clean Restrooms

You walk in and the first thing you notice is if it is clean and the next thing you notice is if it smells. If those significant and important aspects meet with your approval, then you look around at the décor. Some are plain as can be but most are decorated, these days, with flair and creativity. You have to admit most people are critics when it comes to public restrooms.
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