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COVID Protest; Blue Bell

The Banner-Press • A federal court in Austin sentenced Blue Bell Creameries L.P. to pay $17.25 million in criminal penalties for shipments of contaminated products linked to a 2015 listeriosis outbreak.

COVID Thoughts

To the Editor: I’m curious why the Record has yet to cover the CDC coming out and saying only 6% of these so-called COVID deaths actually have COVID-19 as the only cause of death. The other whopping 96% had, on average, 2.6 other serious illnesses.

That little voice

Beautiful they are not, but well received they were. Or at least no one was brave or rude enough to say anything negative about our handiwork.

My Disagreements

To the Editor: As I read other Letters to the Editor, it is apparent we do not watch the same news channels. It appears many still watch what I think is fake news, not FOX news.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like?

To the Editor: Supporting Debra Frank’s great letter, I ask the follow-up question, “What does a constitutional republic look like? ” That sign, to which she refers, infers only one party knows what a democracy looks like and the other party does not. Ask several people what our form of government looks like? Be prepared as they pose a plethora of politically correct answers.

Vote Like Your Life Depends on It

To the Editor: Please extend my thank you to Mr. Behlen and his reporting on county elections administrator Ms.

The Night Brenham Went Up In Flames

On Sep. 26, 1866, a special joint committee of the Texas House and Senate submitted its official report on the recent tragedy in Brenham to the governor.

Will My Medicare Surgeon Be Around Next Year?

To the Editor: My number one priority as a surgeon is the health of my patients. While the pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of life in the last six months, my priority to care for my patients has not.
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