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March 5-9, 1971 Mr. and Mrs.

Watches vs. Warnings

Now that we are officially in meteorological spring we have our next docket of nasty storms available. With that next group of storms comes along the watches and warnings for severe weather, but even I get a tad confused about what the difference is between the two.

that little voice

My column this week is in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021. The theme of this year’s celebration is Choose to Challenge.

The Bear Apologized To “Sugar Land Express”

In a long letter dated Mar. 4, 1981, Paul “Bear” Bryant, former head football coach at Texas A&M, apologized to Kenneth Hall for squandering his gridiron gift in the 1950s.

The Water We Cannot See

Texas’ rivers are iconic. But the groundwater that sustains them is invisible.

Political Fallout From Winter Storm Continues

As Texans across the state continue to deal with the damage from the mid-February winter storm, so does the political fallout in Austin. So far, seven of the 16 board members of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas have resigned.

Postum & Porch Swings

Well, last week we reached the two-year mark of our grand free house experiment. For those of you who may have forgotten, two years ago our family sold our house in La Grange and moved into a old farmhouse in the country that a couple in Dubina were about to demolish.

Stealth Sheriff SUVs

To the Editor: I’m looking for answers to what appears to be recent and more frequent black SUVs, basically unmarked, although on one occasion I did notice an extremely dim “Sheriff ” wording on the side, and it required being at a particular angle to read. These ominous SUVs have been sighted by myself parked at radical angles in turning areas that drivers needing to turn into to get off Highway 71 or go the opposite direction would be hard pressed to accomplish without hitting the SUV.

FEC Explains Right-of-Way Program

To the Editor: In response to the letter submitted by David Noak concerning Fayette Electric Cooperative’s “tree trimming policy”, I would like to first of all express my thanks for his praise for the co-op and contractor crews who worked around the clock to restore power to members affected by the Valentine’s week ice storm. In response to your comment concerning outages caused by tree limbs falling on and bringing down power lines, Fayette EC’s board of directors and management realizes that right-of-way clearing is critical to ensuring that the cooperative’s members are provided with reliable, costeffective service.
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