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Amelia Earhart’s SOS Heard In The Panhandle

In the wee hours of Jul. 3, 1937, a woman in Amarillo listened to missing aviator Amelia Earhart’s desperate radio call for help from halfway around the world.

Governor’s Order Restricts Alcohol-Serving Establishments

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the state to slow down the reopening process for bars and other venues as coronavirus-related infections, hospitalizations and deaths continued to increase in Texas last week.

America, My Adopted Country

America is my adopted country. A country that was for me, from afar, an affair of both head and heart. A matter of love at first read, and certainly at first sight. Not all love affairs are written in tablets of blood or rivers of tears. Some loves are more of the mind and some are prone to sweat rather than tears, bleeding only sparingly. Like so many who came to this country as adults, many by choice, I fell in love with the idea of America, as much as I first fell in love with a mythical place, a City of Angels it is called, out on the West Coast, a place I thought was surely part of Disneyland, ruled by wizards and run as a non-stop magic show, where everyone gets to play every part.
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