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Recycle Trailer Back in Carmine

The Fayette County Recycling trailer is back in Carmine beginning last Thursday, May 14. They are located at the Carmine Hall from noon until 4 p.m.

Illegal Trash Dumping Happening in Muldoon

There has been a rash of illegal trash dumping lately. This is not only unsightly, but very harmful to everything around. Creeks and roadside ditches have run off that not only wildlife use, but also the area cattle. This can be the only drinking source for some pastures and with all the used bedding, appliances and electronics being dumped this only poisons the drinking source. And this does not even include the unsightliness of the dumping.


May 15-19, 1970

Love for Freedom or Fairness

In the afterglow of that day in May held special for mothers — those lovely humans who bring forth babies — there lives unsung the quiet epiphany new mothers experience in the love for a child. If there were a seed from which a better world might grow, it could not improve on unconditional love.

That little voice

We had a sizzling April in San Miguel de Allende, and thankfully May has brought showers and cooler weather. This is surprising because historically May is the hottest month in this high desert town in central Mexico.
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