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Do You Feel Safe?

Our county’s largest town has fewer than 5,000 residents. Many of us live on rural properties that give us a nice daily walk to the mailbox. Small wonder that, at the time of this writing, Fayette County had only 30 cases of COVID-19, with two deaths.

St. Michael’s Cancels Church Picnic, Vacation Bible School

Pastor Nate Hill has announced that two of the St. Michael’s Lutheran Church’s annual events will be canceled. Both were scheduled to take place in June. “Planning events is incredibly difficult at this time with the uncertainty of the health situation and government guidelines from week-to-week” Pastor Hill stated in Ms Facebook post this past week. Vacation Bible School was originally scheduled for June 7-11 and the annual Church Picnic and Auction was originally scheduled for June 20. Saint Paul Lutheran Church and School in Serbin have been able to plan a completely online VBS that will take place from June 8-12 and they have invited children of St. Michael’s congregation to participate if they would like. Please see www.stpaulser-bin.org for more information and to register your kids.
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