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Steamboat Yellow Stone Kept Revolution Afloat

In a May 19, 1837 letter to the speaker of the Republic house of representatives, President Sam Houston pressed for full payment as promised to the captain and crew of the Yellow Stone and the rightful place of the steamboat in Texas history.

Mom’s Sure Cure

When we were youngsters growing up on the farm our parents didn’t take us to a doctor for every little thing that ailed us. There were these “home remedies” handed down from generation to generation. Here’s one:

Gardening Column Q&A

Our gardening columnist recently received this question from a reader. Here’s the full question and answer:

May 16 Quilt Block Class Has Been Cancelled

The Quilt Block class scheduled for May 16 has been cancelled. It has been decided to discontinue all classes until September. Please monitor the website, www.quiltblocktrail.com, for information on future classes and registration forms.

Muldoon Residents Staying in Touch, While Still Social Distancing

Roberta and Milton Gullick visited La Grange to congratulate their granddaughter Alyssa Liccioni for making the La Grange Junior Varsity Cheerleading team at La Grange High School. Alyssa will be a freshman in the fall when school resumes. Roberta and Milton did follow all the social distancing rules while out and about.
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