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State Allocates 4,000 Vaccines to the Regional Vaccination SubHUB for a February 2, 2021 Drive Thru

Online Registration Now Available

The state allocated 4,000 vaccines to the Washington County subHUB this week and agents have been making calls to those on the registration list to schedule vaccine appointments for Tuesday, February 2, 2021. To date, approximately 4,500 Texans have received a vaccine from the subHUB. 

As of Sunday evening, January 31, 2021, all those on the current registration list have been contacted or three attempts have been made.Officials state that every effort has been made through local media, social media, various websites, and several automated messages via text and phone call to let people know to anticipate the call. 

Online pre-registration is now available at www.localevent.info and will automatically close when 5,000 people have pre-registered. Once pre-registered, you will be contacted by an agent, in the order the form was received, to set up a vaccine time slot. The Google hosted formallows you to enter your information. If there is a large number of people attempting to fill out the Google form at the same time, be aware it may take time and/or the page may need to be refreshed. Pre-registration will reopen when all those on the list have been vaccinated. This cycle will continue as long as the state continues to allocate vaccines to the subHUB.