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Hike in Fayette County COVID Cases Expected Due to “Data Dump”

The Fayette County Office of Emergency Management issued the following statement late Friday afternoon, Jan. 29:

A large increase in cases is expected Feb 1st.  We have known for a while now that DSHS databases have been experiencing delays in reporting to our county, but did not know the extent of the problem.  They notified us this week that they will enter all of the backlogged information to our county on Feb 1st.  As most of these cases are old, most will show up as recovered and not active, but there will be some active cases in the mix. The silver lining in this is that we have more recovered cases than we believed.


Per DSHS….

Dear Fayette County Officials,

As was mentioned on our monthly county call, Region 7 has had a challenge with our COVID-19 internal database being backlogged due to the number of new cases coming in and amount of time it takes to verify, remove duplicates and enter the information. The good news is we have solved the challenge in uploading data to our internal database. However, the solution will cause a one-time large increase in total number of cases on the DSHS Dashboard and on the line list Monday, February 1, 2021.  The majority of these cases are from December and January.  Cases over two weeks old will be flagged and should not show up on the DSHS Dashboard as active cases.  Per our calculations you can anticipate seeing an increase of approximately 479cases on your line list for your county on Monday.

In summary:

· You can anticipate seeing a one-time large increase in cases on Monday February 1, 2021.

· Cases older than 14 days will not be counted as active cases

We would like to ensure you these cases were in Texas Health Trace so the lag in reporting has not affected case follow up and investigation.  We hope this will help you have a better picture of the true number of cases in your county over the past few months.”