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Nursing Home Testing Reveals Five New Cases in Four Facilities

Three staff members, two residents tested positive for coronavirus

Free testing available in Schulenburg on Wednesday, June 17

Fayette County Emergency Management Chief Craig Moreau reported that his office has received all of the results from last week's nursing home testing.  There are currently five positive cases. Three are staff members and two are residents.  The five patients were located at four different facilitates.  

All were reported as asymptomatic at the time of testing. 

All residents and staff at the five nursing homes in Fayette County were tested: Care Inn of La Grange, Monument Hill Nursing Center in La Grange, Schulenburg Regency Nursing Center, Schulenburg Colonia and Oak Manor in Flatonia. In all, 679 people were tested. Moreau said that amounts to about three percent of Fayette County's population.

"This should be a reminder to the public and all healthcare workers to continue vigilance even if you are not experiencing any symptoms," Moreau said. "Strict adherence to mask and PPE protocols is what has kept the numbers in Fayette County nursing homes so low thus far."  

All nursing homes in the county were provided with N95 masks for every staff member, along with surgical masks for every resident. Those supplies have been replaced as needed with assistance from local and state resources, Moreau said.  

"We will continue this practice of wearing standard PPE around our most vulnerable populations," he said. "The nursing homes have long-established protocols for isolating patients and staff.  The protocols were written with the assistance of physicians and state health officials. These protocols have been put into place as recommended.  State officials with DSHS have been notified and are consulting with nursing home administrations for any additional actions that may be needed in the coming days."

Moreau said he expects a rise in reported cases over the next seven to 14 days. 

"Our testing has gone up exponentially thanks to expanded efforts of both private and public testing," he said. "There have been no additional reported hospitalizations at this time due to coronavirus."

There will be a free coronavirus testing event at Wolters Park in Schulenburg from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 17. Anyone from the public can get tested. Register at www.txcovidtest.org. This will be both a drive through and walk-up test.