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Fayette County Now Has 100 COVID Cases

The Fayette County Office of Emergency Management reported over the weekend the county’s 100th confirmed case of coronavirus. A fourth person in the county died from the disease over the weekend as well.

County Emergency Management Chief Craig Moreau reported that the deceased was an 82-year-old man from Pct. 2.

“He did have some significant health problems, but he was still employed and active when he got sick,” Moreau said. “He went into the hospital and was doing well for a while, but then it turned downhill for him.

“All four of our people who died from this have had kind of the same to story,” he added.

31 people here have recovered. The Emergency Management office reports five people have been lost to follow-up. That leaves 60 remaining active cases.

Of the active cases, most of them (32) are in Pct. 1, the La Grange area. Pct. 2, which encompasses the Round Top and Fayetteville areas, has nine active cases. Brand. Pct. 3, the Flatonia area, has 10 active cases. Pct. 4, the Schulenburg area, has seven active cases. The county did not know the location for two of the cases.

Moreau said state health officials were off work for the July 4th holiday weekend. He expected to see a jump in some numbers this week.