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Local Leaders React as Biden Projected Presidential Winner, Trump Vows Fight

  • Local Leaders React as Biden Projected Presidential Winner, Trump Vows Fight
    Local Leaders React as Biden Projected Presidential Winner, Trump Vows Fight

Over the weekend Joe Biden was projected as the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

As of Monday morning, the Associated Press said Biden had garnered 290 electoral votes compared to 214 to Donald Trump, and he also had 50,7-percent of the national vote compared to 47.7-percent for Trump, though Trump has continued legal proceedings questioning the outcome of the election.

Over the weekend we asked chairpersons of the Republican and Democratic parties of Fayette County for their reaction:

From Deborah Frank, Fayette County Republican Party Chair: “The media doesn’t choose our president. The Senate must confirm the electoral votes. This should not be done until all recounts and investigations into voter and ballot counting fraud has been completed. The level of corruption being exposed in the Democrat party is frightening but not surprising.”

From David McCall, Fayette County Democratic Party Chair: “The Fayette County Democratic Party wishes to express our heartfelt congratulations to President-Elect Joe Biden and to Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris. We thank the voters of Fayette County for participating at record levels in this election, even under the hazards brought on by the pandemic. The democratic process wouldn’t be possible without someone conducting the election in a fair and trustworthy manner. We, therefore, salute Terri Hefner, her staff and all the election workers that, as usual, presented a positive model of what an election should look like; ensuring that every vote was counted.

This historic election exemplifies at last the full elevation of ethnic diversity and gender diversity in the second most powerful position at the head of our government. America’s strength is due to its diversity and really should be represented at all levels of our government.”

Election Stats

• Nearly 75 percent of registered voters in Fayette County cast ballots in the Nov. 3 General Election. That’s the highest voter turnout for Fayette County in recent memory.

In the 2016 General Election, in which President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency, the voter turnout here was 68.82 percent. In 2012, when President Barack Obama won his second term defeating Mitt Romney, the Fayette County turnout was 67.33 percent.

• Like many other parts of the country, Fayette County also saw record numbers of early and mail-in voting this year. According the the Fayette County Elections Office, 10,414 people voted early or by mail. That’s nearly 80 percent of everyone who voted in Fayette County.

• In the presidential race, Trump carried Fayette County with 77.9 percent of the vote. That slightly up from 2016, when Fayette County gave him 77.8 percent of the vote. Republican Senator John Cornyn beat Democratic challenger MJ Heger both in Fayette County and statewide, but he actually got less votes in Fayette County than Trump: 10,047 compared to Trump’s 10,162. US House Representative Michael McCaul, who won re-election against Democrat Mike Siegel, gathered more votes than Trump in Fayette County with 10,186.

• Trump had the most support in Willow Springs, where he gathered 91.76 percent of the 182 votes in the precinct. President-elect Joe Biden had the greatest support in the La Grange-North precinct, where he collected 29.01 percent.