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COVID-19: The Recovery Process

St. Mark’s Says If Hotline Full Keep Trying

St. Mark’s Medical Center has been “inundated” with calls from people 65-older and those with serious medical issues seeking to get the COVID-19 vaccine this week.

Those folks are now the highest priority individuals to get vaccinated.

There have been so many calls in fact that their mailbox system was at times telling callers the system was full even as hospital staff was actively documenting contact info from messages and clearing the system for more callers.

A St. Mark’s spokesperson said anyone who has left a message on the vaccine phone line (242-2325) can be confident the hospital has their information and they will be contacted when more vaccines arrive locally.

Anyone interested in getting on the vaccine waiting list is encouraged to continue trying to call the hotline.

The first batch of about 1,000 vaccines in Fayette County was used up last week, mostly for first responders and nursing home residents.

–Jeff Wick