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About 1,000 Vaccinated Here So Far

Those Eligible Can Call to Get on List For When the Next Batch Arrives Here

It took nine months for 1,000 people in Fayette County to catch coronavirus,

It took less than two weeks for that many to be vaccinated against it.

It was a local vaccine rollout that Fayette County Emergency Management Coordinator Craig Moreau called “extraordinary,” as approximately 1,000 locals have gotten the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

“We’ve basically got twice the herd immunity that we had two weeks ago,” Moreau said Sunday.

503 of those vaccinations were done at St. Mark’s, another 100 at HEB and the rest were given at local nursing homes.

The vast majority of the vaccinations done at St. Mark’s and HEB were to health care workers and other first responders (considered 1A level candidates). A small fraction of those that have been vaccinated here, Moreau said, were the next level of candidates, 1B, which are those 65 or older or those with at least one serious chronic medical condition. Moreau said others in the 1B classification can call St. Mark’s at 242-2325 to get on a waiting list for when more vaccines arrive. He expects more any day. You can leave a message if after hours. For those under 65 and healthy, Moreau said they are not eligible to get the vaccine yet, but urged them to continue practicing safety measures amidst the pandemic, and he expects anyone who wants a vaccine in Fayette County should be able to get one by the springtime.