One Shiny Spot On The Whole Roof

Growing up on our farm, I would conger up many ways to amuse myself. Sometimes they were good ideas and sometimes they weren’t. This is only one example:

One Sunday morning as we were coming home from church we were approaching our front yard entrance. Before we could go through the entrance to our yard, we had to go by our huge barn. The barn was built around 1920 or so and originally had a shingle roof. In 1949, when I was six years old, my dad and his younger brother tore off the shingles and put a new tin roof on the 100x90-foot structure. Over the years, the shiny tin roof took on a dull silver sheen. When the roof was put on, the end of the barn had an exposed area where the hay-unloading steel track was attached to a long pole the same height of the barn roof. My dad decided to also put a roof over the expanded track to protect it from the weather, which made the barn roof an additional twenty feet longer.

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