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Many who love music know it as an art form which has to be re-experienced anew to be enjoyed, with no two performances exactly alike, even with the same combination of notes, the same tunes, produced by the same instruments. Sound by its very nature marks time’s passage, and a musical note, no sooner it is played that it is already gone. Yet even a melodious tune heard countless times can sometimes be heard afresh in the now, as if it never left.

This is all the more true of classical music, which has survived – some say miraculously so - through centuries, with many pieces, some longer, some shorter, some simple, others infinitely complex, played over and again for audiences the world over. The rich repertory has brought together the most amazing musical performers, to put on concerts and recitals at different eras in venues spread across entire continents. While classical music may not be the most popular of musical genres, it still represents, even now, one of the few things that can bring people of all ages, languages and cultures into a common bond of appreciation for that which transcends both time and place. Indeed, it is called classical precisely because it can bring to life musical works composed by great masters, some of whom lived long long ago, yet the music still resonates now, as powerfully as it ever did. To me, classical music has always been one of those truly mysterious arcs through history, a continuous hand-over of artistic creative forces that can somehow connect civilizations across great spans of time, bridging over all manner of styles, cultures and tastes.


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