Bell Tower Of St. James: A Historical Wonder

I wrote a piece for the Record the other day on the historical parallels of the founding of the striking edifice that is St. James’ Church in La Grange, just across from the H-E-B. I mentioned a special musical event celebrating of the completion of restoration work necessitated by the Hurricane Harvey carnage. This event will be during the 10:30 a.m. service on Easter morning. Some awe-inspiring examples of the historical precedents are:

The year the church was founded, John Brown lynched five pro-slavery men at Pottawatomie, Kansas; and workers in a limestone quarry in the German Rhineland, just outside of Düsseldorf unearthed the first Neanderthal Man. While the church was established in 1856, it would be three more years before Darwin would publish “On the Origin of the Species.”



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