Currency of a Different Sort

The great thing about floating a river is that there’s no going back – only forward.

What a great way that would be to live life.

At least we get to do it for two days a year.

A new chapter was added to a beloved family tradition as my brother and I, and our sons, and a few others crazy enough to go made our annual two-day Spring Break expedition down the Colorado River from Plum Park to La Grange.

Every March some people use the break to go to the beach, some go skiing. We load up a half-dozen kayaks, and push off from the bank, and let the lazy waters of the Colorado carry us down 10 miles or so.

We get out on an island, set up camp, build a fire from driftwood, sleep in tents and/or hammocks, and go another eight or so miles down river the next day and get out tired and dirty at the city park under the Business 71 bridge in La Grange, feeling a little more alive than when we’d departed.



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