Remember when?

Nov. 9-12, 1968

Republican Richard Milhouse Nixon narrowly won election Tuesday as the 37th president of the United States. He immediately pledged to bring the American people together. Squeezing past Hubert H. Humphrey, Nixon garnered 287 electoral votes, 17 more than needed to succeed Lyndon B. Johnson and return the GOP to the White House after eight years of Democratic rule. However, the popular vote margin was narrow. With 94 percent of the nation’s precincts counted, Nixon had 29,726,409 and Humphrey had 29,677,152 votes. Third place candidate George C. Wallace received slightly more than 9 million.

When Nixon ran for the presidency in 1960, he polled 2,209 votes in Fayette County against 3,509 for the late John F. Kennedy. That year, La Grange gave Nixon 753 votes and Kennedy 761.


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