Surviving the Hong Kong Flu and Other Maladies

The Hong Kong Flu was an awful malady that hit Texas in the 1960’s. I am glad to say that I am a survivor of that particular brand of flu. Up until now I thought that Hong Kong brought me the worst sickness I ever had, without dying. Thanks to the favor of the lord, prayer, Vicks salve, chicken soup and grandma’s concoction of Brandy, honey and aspirin I narrowly made it through to tell the tale.

Of course, that was all before Oct. 10 of this year, when something similar but worse, hit me broadside and kicked me off my pins into a heap of “Fits,” fits of whooping and coughing and fits of spittin’ and caulkin’ and nose blowin’ fits that required two boxes of tissues. I shall not mention the bathroom fits.


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