Reunion Ready

Class reunions. Some people look forward to them, others dread them or avoid them altogether. Some want to see everyone, and others feel that if they have not seen these people in the last thirty years, why would they want to see them now?

I fall into the first category. I love to see old friends. There are those that I was close to in school and those who I just spoke to in passing. I have found that the longer it has been since graduation, the more we have in common. From one generation to the next, every school seems to have the same basic groups – the popular kids, the nerdy kids, the rebel kids, etc. At the time you are in high school, these groups seem to define you. Some float in between groups, but most people can identify which one they were in. What I have noticed is that the lines defining those groups seems to have blurred the older we get. And the truth is, it just doesn’t matter anymore.


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