Fireworks: The Fearful and the Fearless

It appears that my granddaughters have developed differing opinions – at least when it comes to their feelings about fireworks.

Up until this year, neither of them had been a fan of fireworks – at all. The older of the two, Blair, has been terrified of them all her life. We have tried everything, but the moment you mention fireworks, she gets hysterical. We have gone to the fireworks presentation at Frisch Auf every year since it began. When she was younger, one of my daughters lived on the golf course, so we had front row seating for the fireworks display. Each year, we tried explaining that it couldn’t hurt her and that we were there to protect her, and each year we ended up with a child crying in the house begging to get away from there.

We even tried not telling her that there would be a fireworks display, thinking it was just the thought of the fireworks that was upsetting her. Boy that was a big mistake. We were at the beach in Port O’Connor one time and she was happy until the fireworks started. She then started screaming. We couldn’t get away fast enough – literally. We were parked about seven blocks away from the beach front and she was screaming the whole way.


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