Dieting and No Dishes

Lately every time I click on the TV, I see beautiful girls and handsome men running up and down the beach, scantily clad, and looking like movie stars. With toothy grins they declare that becoming thin and beautiful is now easy and fun. Losing weight is no longer arduous, denying goodies, yummies and second helpings. No! The latest trend is to simply munch on certain ready prepared chow at certain times. You simply heat, eat and then watch the pounds magically drop off, or so they say.

Folks who know me are pretty sure that I was not born yesterday. And they might be willing to bet that I am wise enough to simply laugh as I change channels and move on, But no. Since I no longer have my husband to lend his advice or restrain my spending, in a moment of wild insanity, I ordered the provisions. Here was a method for me to take leave of grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes forever. This was true freedom.


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