Life with the Granddog

Periodically, I am asked to keep the granddog. Such is the case at my house right now.

My daughter came home for a short visit and brought the granddog to our home while she was going to be away for a while. She does not like to board her “baby” for extended periods of time. Not that there has ever been a problem with boarding her, but it does get a bit expensive if it’s going to be for more than a few days. Rylee is usually excited to be at our house (after all, it is her home away from home), but she somehow realized that something was up. It would be different if every time they came, she was left behind – that is actually the exception rather than the rule. But she figured out that something was up way before her “mom” left her.

This time, she came home on Friday evening, planning to leave Monday morning. All was well with little Rylee until Sunday night. She became very clingy, not wanting to leave her “mom’s” side. She was reluctant to go to bed that evening and was not very happy with us on Monday when “mom” was gone.

Monday and Tuesday evening, she wanted to be right next to me (or on my lap) feeling sorry for herself that “mom” was missing. When it was time to go bed, I had to resort to bribery (a small piece of cheese) to get her upstairs where her bed is. I guess she thought that waiting downstairs would make “mom” come home sooner.


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