Printer Problems

We live in an age of instant gratification. We can get packages delivered from across the country in one day. We can order a product and have it in our possession in a matter of minutes or hours. All this has been made possible with computer technology.

Computers were designed to do the work that humans were doing but in a much faster way, and it seems we all reap the benefits of that. We, as a culture, have also become very dependent on them.

We have become so dependent that when they don’t work properly, we have a problem, and getting them fixed can be costly.

Printers use some of the same technology and sometimes come with the same issues – at least our printer does.

While dealing with printing standard-sized copies, there are an abundance of choices in printers – most of which are reasonably priced. But when you need to print large quantities of oversized copies (11 x 17) the choices in printers is limited – and expensive.


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