I Can’t Find My Phone

For many of us, our cell phones have become just as important as our wallets, (if not more so). We use them to communicate with our friends and family and many people have decided to disconnect their land lines to opt for a cell phone-only lifestyle. We use them as our cameras to document important (and not so important) things in our lives. We use them in place of paper maps, yellow pages and encyclopedias. And now with the latest updates on the iPhone, you can even use an application on the phone itself to pay for many items.

Our phones have become indispensable. I did not realize how dependent we had become to using our cell phones until one of them went missing.

It happened the other night. My husband and I were about to go to bed at which time we usually put our phones on charge so they are ready for the next day’s activities. That’s when we discovered that one of them was missing.

My husband began checking all of his pockets, from pants to jackets to coveralls to shirts. He then began to turn the house upside down retracing his steps trying to find where he might have set it down. After about an hour of searching, he decided to use the “Find My iPhone” computer application. This application allows you to use the tracking information on the phone to locate the phone.


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