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A lone shooter opened fire on thousands of people late Sunday evening, Oct. 1. These innocent country music fans were enjoying a concert on the Las Vegas Strip. Quoting President Trump, “This was an act of pure evil.”

Charles Whitman killed 16 people and injured 31 on August 1, 1966. His shooting rampage was done from the University Tower on the University of Texas campus in Austin.

A lone gunman killed five police officers and wounded seven others in Dallas, Texas in July, 2016. It was the deadliest single day for police officers since 9/11.

Are these lone gunmen so full of hatred that they have to kill? Hatred is a deep and an extreme dislike. Even pronouncing the word “hatred” sounds evil. What causes someone to hate so much?

Haters are jealous people. We may have something they don’t have and when they can’t figure out why they lack those things, they become angry.



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