Flood Scams Seen Here

In the midst of all the feel-good efforts that happen in the aftermath of a natural disaster like the recent flooding in La Grange, there is also the bad.

A local woman who works in La Grange and does not live anywhere near the flooding recently had a knock on her door.

It was FEMA representatives coming to inspect her flood damage.

Turns out she was the victim of a scam as someone used her personal information to set up an account with FEMA saying they had flood damage – and that FEMA application was tied to a bank account in California.

Another La Grange resident who did not have flood damage discovered a similar flood damage scam someone had set up with the Small Business Administration using his identity.

Anyone who thinks they may have been targeted by a scam should speak with officials at the disaster recovery center in the Randolph Rec. Center on Pearl Street.

As always, watch your accounts closely and report any suspicious activity, contact to local authorities. 

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